Poor kitchen

Poor Kitchen (a Biscotti exhibition) @ Cage Me a Peacock, 16-24 March 2018

The exhibition explores the concept of Cucina Povera which is literally translated as Poor Kitchen; a style of Italian cooking which uses simple ingredients to turn poverty in to fine art. Embodying the room in a fabulous bounty of bold colours with an installation of photographic and fabric prints Carla Ori invites you to enter Biscotti world.


'Like heaven in the movies'

Like Heaven in the Movies' still life series is an extension of the album by Biscotti under the same title. Biscotti AKA Carla Ori has worked with Alice Hutchison to manifest a visual representation of each song on the album. Exploring nostalgia and using the language of cinema they have created a set of images that interpret kitsch in a modern context and captured it in a still frame.

24 x 24 inch prints are available if you wish to own a physical copy in full colour for you home.